Every summer Cornell Lab of Ornithology hosts a four day Young Birders Event. This Event brings young birders together who have a passion for birds and are interested in pursuing a career in ornithology. Every year we will sponsor one young birder from UK to attend this event.

The participants will meet people who have successful careers that involve birds in a variety of ways from ornithological researchers, tour leaders, computer scientists to audio specialists. There will also be lots of opportunities to discuss bird trends as well as conservation and environmental issues.

We are so thrilled to have sponsored Max Hellicar to attend this year's event earlier this month. This event is a life changer for any young birder and this is what Max had to say: "The Cornell Young Birders' Event 2017 was absolutely amazing. It was a privilege to learn so much from those at the top of the profession which I hope to go into. I learnt a lot about the scientific ornithological sectors as well as learning about the identification of species which were previously unfamiliar to me. The overwhelming sense of encouragement and willingness to share information on any subject from everyone at Cornell is very impressive and it was a great boost to my determination to have the privilege of visiting this early on in my career." Scroll down to see a slideshow of some of Max's photos from the event.

This is the second year we have sponsored someone to attend Cornell. Last year Amy Hall attended: "Being chosen for this trip meant a lot to me - I was massively supported by the Cameron Bespolka Trust and the BTO before I left.”

Amy Hall, wrote an in-depth report of her event. It is clear to see what an impression this trip has made on her. Click here to read her report

Please also  check out Amy's blog for her monthly updates on all sorts of interesting nature related topics.


Photos by Max Hellicar