Board of Trustees

The Trustees are:

Corinne Cruickshank

Kevin Bespolka

Nicholas Bespolka

Megan Bespolka

Sienna Bespolka

Keith Betton

Keith Betton

Keith Betton is a media trainer, publicity consultant and writer. He is a keen world birder having seen his first bird when he was 8, and now almost 8,200 species in more than 100 countries some 50 years later. Keith has a particular passion for Africa, having been Chairman of the African Bird Club for 7 years, and is now its Vice President. In the UK he is heavily involved in bird monitoring in Hampshire, where he is Chairman of the Hampshire Ornithological Society - and he also the County Bird Recorder. Having been a Council Member of both the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and the British Trist for Ornithology, he is currently Vice President of the latter. His favourite bird is the Peregrine, and Cameron helped him to monitor these when they first nested in Winchester.

Sarah Neish

Sarah Neish

The enthusiasm Sarah feels for the outdoors and nature stems from her childhood in Derbyshire, the daughter of a farmer. Always out and about in the heart of the Peak District she developed a strong affinity with the countryside seeing and enjoying at close quarters the wildlife it supported.

Studying at the Royal Agricultural College she furthered her knowledge in the management of land and the importance of balancing the needs of agriculture and the environment. She later went on to be a Conservation Officer for MAFF working with farmers to develop and enhance habitats for birds and invertebrates.

Now a mother of two girls, living on a farm near Alton, Sarah has turned her attention to the support of young people. A family support mentor with Home Start and a former key worker at Treloars, a specialist college for young people with disabilities, she brings considerable practical experience, knowledge and empathy to the task of encouraging young people to connect with and get closer to nature.

Sarah is closely involved with the search for a site to establish an educational base called Cameron's Cottage. In 2017 she was part of the fund raising team that cycled 700 km across the Pyrenees raising ..... For the Trust.

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