Cameron's Benches

Benches have been placed in various places to remember Cameron. We are so grateful for the thoughtful and lasting memories these benches bring.

They have been placed in very meaningful places to site and reflect and remember Cameron. Please do take photos if you visit and send to us: as we love to see friends and family remembering Cameron at these very special places:

St. Catherine’s Hill: With views over the St. Catherine’s Hill, this bench is placed in one of Cameron’s favourite places. It is positioned on the ridge above the motorway and looks directly onto the top of St. Catherine’s Hill.

Winchester College, Du Boulays House (Cooks):  “We choose to place the bench, made in memory of Cameron, in the garden; a place enjoyed by all...

throughout the year but especially during the summer months, when intense games of Ultimate Frisbee regularly took place, ones in which Cameron often took part. Not only does the bench act as a place to enjoy the outdoors - something a keen birder like Cameron very much liked to do - but also as a reminder that Cameron will always be a very cherished member of Cook’s and the wider school community; one who will never be forgotten.”

by James Bird, a fellow Cookite at Winchester College.

Pilgrims’ Schools: As his leaving project, Benedict Smailes raised funds to create a very special bench in memory of Cameron.

Windsor Tennis Club, Florida: A bench and tree, together with a bird house, have been added to the Tennis Club at Windsor in Florida. A bench has been added to the Tennis Club at Windsor where Cameron used to play tennis for all to sit and use.


Camerons Bench
Camerons Bench