When Cameron was 15, he spent 3 nights in a cottage in a Florida nature reserve. He listened to the screeching of an owl, he gazed at the stars and he saw an armadillo crawling along the path. 

Night and day, dawn and dusk, he was surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature.  His stay in that cottage helped to fire his passion for wildlife observation, and was central to the naturalist that he became.  Now we want young people to be able to experience something similar…

We are actively looking at locations where we could create such a place.  Our main goal is to create a base from which we can organise many educational activities which would include residential courses for young people.  We want to create a place embedded in nature; a place that is accessible, yet feels remote. A place where teenagers and children can come to stay, to experience nature and birds; to learn and absorb life-lessons about the world that surrounds us.

There is a need for children to go and experience nature first hand.  This place would accommodate this need.  It would be a wonderful place to stay and would be offered to various groups such as school groups, nature groups, scout groups, birding groups, research groups and many other group who would benefit from this opportunity.  

We will keep you up-dated with more information very shortly. Thank you so much for all the support we have received so far in helping us create this vision. Donations are so greatefully received.

Cameron's Cottage
Munkjack Deer
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