Cameron's Cottage is a non-profit venture in memory of Cameron to make nature more accessible to young people. 

Cameron’s Cottage is nestled in the heart of RSPB Franchises Lodge nature reserve in the New Forest and sleeps 19. It has been renovated to create a sustainable place where groups of young people can experience and learn about the natural world. 

Latest news:


University of Winchester Nutrition and Dietetics

26 June 2023

Staff and first-year students from the UoW Nutrition and Dietetics Course were at Cameron’s Cottage earlier this month for a very special away day.

The students, who were on placement at the Cottage, made fine use of its facilities to whip up a first rate meal for the Team. What better way to discuss curriculum development than in the great outdoors eating delicious food.

We had a brilliant team away day today in a very special location, talking about RD curriculum development! A big thank you to our 1st year students for our fab lunch!

Staff and Students from the University of Winchester

Staff and Students from the University of Winchester

Romsey Young Carers

21 June 2023

We were thrilled to sponsor Romsey Young Carers to spend a magical day at Cameron‘s Cottage for a Family Fun day.

The day was expertly guided by a lovely group of RSPB volunteers and staff. 10 families with a total of 25 children took part in outdoor activities.   A wide range of activities were on offer suitable for all ages and two new activities we’re particularly popular:  playing in a drum circle and taking part in a nature escape room.

Young Carers are children and young people whose lives are affected by caring for a family member who has a long term illness or disability, mental health problems or issues with drugs and alcohol. Romsey Young Carers provide a safe space for their young carers and their families. 

It’s wonderful to see them outside, enjoying carefree nature rich activities, together with their families. 

It was a magical day at Cameron's Cottage for Romsey Young Carers


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Minstead Trust

16 June 2023

Cameron’s Cottage continues to be a hub for many educational and vocational opportunities for young people from all walks of life.

Thank you to RSPB team at Cameron’s Cottage for supporting Josh from the Minstead Trust and allowing him to develop skills to enable him to apply for jobs in conservation.

Minstead Trust is a charity who nurtures the unique potential of people with learning disabilities and their ‘Step Up for Work’ programme offers work and training opportunities. Please have a look at their website if you might help host and train someone.

Minstead Trust Site

Josh from the Minstead Trust

Josh from the Minstead Trust

Winchester Youth Counselling relaxes at Cameron' Cottage

14 June 2023

We are thrilled to sponsor the Winchester Youth Counselling. This wonderful charity provides free, confidential counselling for young people aged 11 to 25 who are based in the district of Winchester.

During the Easter holidays their nature therapy group enjoyed a visit to Cameron’s Cottage. The group took part in a range of nature based activities led by the RSPB team. The activities included team games, bug hunting and making bird boxes.

"Thank you to the team at Cameron’s Cottage for such a fantastic day. The young people really enjoyed making the bird boxes and doing the teambuilding games. The day was really helpful for young people and was enjoyed by all who attended."

The WYC nature therapy group recognises that spending time connecting with nature is proven to reduce stress and anxiety and improve emotional health and well-being.

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The group takes part in a team building exercise

The group takes part in a team building exercise

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The group takes part in a team building exercise

The group learns how to build nest boxes

New Forest Wildilfe Camp

03 November 2021

We are delighted to continue our sponsorship of the New Forest Wildlife Camp for a third year. The Wild New Forest chose the newly renovated Cameron’s Cottage as its venue for camp which ran from Friday 22 October to the Sunday.

The Trust has sponsored this event since its inception and it was wonderful to welcome this energetic group of teenagers to the Franchises Lodge RSPB reserve in the northern New Forest.

It was a jam packed weekend for the campers. The activities included everything from nocturnal wildlife hunts to bird ringing demonstrations. The campers were also able to set moth traps and to see how camera traps are set to capture nocturnal activity.  The camera traps yielded video footage of Fallow Deer, Grey Squirrel and Wood Mouse.

Lou checking the corrugated iron sheets for sheltering reptiles and amphibians

Lou checking the corrugated iron sheets for sheltering reptiles and amphibians

The Saturday afternoon bio blitz competition showed just how rich the area is in flora and fauna; the three teams recorded between 130 and 150 species, with highlights including Raft Spider, Wood Cricket and Palmate Newt.

Trustee, Corinne Cruickshank paid a visit to the cottage on the Saturday to give the attendees an inspiring speech about Cameron’s legacy and the vision for Cameron’s Cottage.

Andy Page, Head Keeper at Forestry England, joined the group on the Sunday walk and was able to talk about wildlife and woodland management and reveal some of the rich history of the area.

By the end of the camp the attendees had recorded nearly 100 species of fungi, 45 species of bird, over 30 species of moth, and numerous invertebrates, plants, and trees. It was great to see the group sharing experiences and enjoying each other’s company after what has been a tough couple of years due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Team photo outside the cottage

Huge thanks to Nigel Jones, Andy Page, Andrew Colenutt and Helen Schneider for leading the activities and to Anneka and Lou from RSPB for their assistance at Cameron’s Cottage.

To read a full report on the weekend please visit the Wild New Forest website

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Setting camera traps

Setting camera traps

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Setting camera traps

Examining Flora and Fauna on the night walk

Open Days

We would love you to come and visit Cameron’s Cottage and see for yourself. If you are a school, college, university or an organisation who is thinking of taking a group of young people for a day or overnight stay, please email date you can join us to:

Weds 7 September 2023
11.00 am - 12.30 pm

Thurs 6 October 2023
5:30 pm - 6:30 pm


Cameron's Legacy

To celebrate the official opening week at Cameron’s Cottage, we are very proud to share this video which shows the result of many years of collaboration between the Trust and the RSPB.    

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2 Minute Introduction to Cameron's Cottage:
solar powered and low-impact


Cameron’s Cottage offers an immersive outdoor experience for 15 – 25 year olds in a stunning woodland packed full of wildlife, including many rarities.

Whether it’s getting creative through outdoor cooking and wild art, tackling the grittier side of nature with survival skills and conducting research or learning conservation skills, those coming to stay at Cameron’s Cottage will have the experience of a lifetime.

Franchises Lodge is a haven for wildlife, from birds of prey to unusual fungi, orchids and loads more. In this idyllic setting, young people can come together to take part in activities ranging from shelter building to conservation skills, plus much, much more.

The newly refurhbished Cameron's Cottage will be a wonderful base fromm which to be immersed in nature

The fully-equipped kitchen

The living area where many stories will be shared

Bunk room with a view - nature is right on your doorsteps

Outdoor Classroom
Next to Cameron’s Cottage there is an open-sided wooden outdoor classroom which can be booked for day visits from schools.  These day trips will include nature activities provided and led by RSPB.  

The  outdoor classroom will bring the guests closer to nature

"Cameron’s Cottage is completely off-grid with heating and electricity provided by solar power, so it really is the ultimate nature experience"

Beth Markey, RSPB

We are proud of the fact that Cameron’s Cottage is off-grid, relies on solar power and is wildlife friendly. All the timber used to renovate the Cottage has come from the site.  The douglas fir trees needed to be thinned by a third to allow light to reach the ground and to increase biodiversity. Solar panels are located on the study centre and extension roof producing 10KW power per hour with battery storage.Groups can monitor their power use and adapt according to the amount being generated or stored. This is a fantastic learning resource for how we need to think carefully and consider the impacts of how we use resources. A firepit and equipment has been provided to encourage outdoor living.


The water is heated by solar heating in the warmer months but switches to solar power for the winter. Inside, all appliances have been planned to have a low energy use. There are wood burners inside the kitchen and study centre to provide additional heat but can also be used to cook indoors and has an additional hob. A heat source pump supports the low carbon heating arrangement by drawing heat from the outside air and transferring to the underfloor heating system to warm the building.

Outside, wildlife friendly features have been built into the design including swift bricks, house martin cups, greater horseshoe bat entrance and bat entrances included in the roof slates. There is an old well which supplies water to outside taps to wash boots, whilst inside the water does come from a mains supply. The property has its own sewage treatment plant to treat sewage safely and with no negative impact on the environment. This is fenced in the garden and will eventually be hidden by a native hedge that will provide a nectar source for butterflies, moths and bees to support the ecosystem.

To find out more about how sustainable and environmentally friendly this Cottage is, please have a listen to Joe Moorhouse, the Architect who worked on the whole renovation project. He explains the care and attention taken to make sure this off-grid Cottage is low-impact as well as being a home for lots of wildlife all around.

The video from Moorhouse Architecture shows the work that went into transforming the derelict cottage

Booking Cameron's Cottage

For more information about booking Cameron's Cottage please visit the the RSPB website.

Rates are £15 pppn with a minimum booking of 8 young people. The Cottage can accommodate up to 19 people, including leaders in 5 bedrooms. Additional discounts are available for groups who meet certain financial requirements.

Activities include:

  • nature: bioblitz, bat detecting moth trapping, wildlife walk
  • team building: slacklining, blind fold trail, team all maze, wild art
  • survival skills: outdoor cooking, kelly kettles, shelter building, pioneering, navigation

Outdoor Classroom

The outdoor classroom in use at the recent Wildlife Camp


Cameron's Cottage Newsletter from the RSPB

Read the RSPB's update from Cameron's Cottage

March 2023

Generous Support

Thank you to Garfield Weston and the National Lottery Heritage fund for their generous support.

Garfield Weston Foundation


Cameron's Cottage

Read all about how we came to be partnering with the RSPB to create this wonderful retreat and learning centre deep in the New Forest.

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Cameron's Cottage Video

Young Ambassador Amy Hall has produced a great video of Cameron’s Cottage before the work begins. Take a look at this magical place, immersed in nature and nestled in the woodlands of RSPB Franchises Lodge in the New Forest.    

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Birds Eye View

Take an aerial tour around Cameron's Cottage and the surrounding forest: