The Cameron Bespolka Trust are delighted to announce that we are launching a creative competition to all school children in London in celebration of our 70 nestboxes for 70 years project.

We would like to thank all the schools that signed up to the 70 Nestboxes for 70 Years campaign. We have had 106 schools sign up across London and this is a very positive step towards raising awareness of the capital’s wildlife among children in schools.

You could paint, draw, colour, photograph or write a poem or prose about nestboxes

It is simple to enter our competition and there are exciting prizes to be won for your school.

We would like you to carry on with the idea of nestboxes. It could be based on a nestbox in your school (including the one your school might have received), garden or local park. You could include birds, trees, flowers or chicks in your piece. Let your imagination go wild! 

We would like to leave this to you. You could paint, draw, colour, photograph or write a poem or prose about nestboxes. Be as creative as possible!

There are two categories: Primary School (4-11) and Secondary School (11-18). Each child can submit a photograph of their entry to, with parental or teacher consent. 


1st Prize - Nestbox camera, which can be put in any nestbox (not necessarily the one your school might have received)

CJ Wildlife Logo
Supplied by C.J. Wildlife

2nd Prize - Bird feeder and two suet blocks

3rd Prize - 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle, ‘Birdsong’ 

Bird Feeder

2nd Prize a bird feeder from CBT

Bird Feeder

3rd Prize 1000 piece puzzle Birdsong

Details and Deadlines

  • Each student can email a photo of their entry to:
  • You must receive permission from a parent or teacher before submitting your entry. 
  • Each email entry should have the following heading: “70 Nestboxes”. 
  • Please include your category, your name, age, school year and the name of your school.
  • When taking a photo of your artwork to send to us, please make sure you use natural lighting. Dark or unnatural light can result in distorted image colour/appearance. 
  • You can send your photos as a .JPG format.
  • Each student is allowed to submit one entry only.

The last day for entries is 3rd June 2022

The winners will be announced on 24th June 2022. 

We look forward to seeing all your entries. Best of luck!

Kabir Kaul

Our Young Ambassador programme is sponsored by C.J. Wildlife