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We are so grateful to Geoff Smailes, a family friend and long term Trust supporter.  He has nominated us to be part of a great product that supports The Cameron Bespolka Trust as well as other charities. 

Currensea is an award-winning finance company that provide debit cards to be used abroad which link to your regular UK bank account. The card gives you extremely competitive exchange rates without fees, providing substantive savings versus your bank debit/credit card. This is a fantastic product which has been used in Europe by numerous CBT supporters over the past few months. Currensea has a programme where card holders can pass on some of their savings to one of their nominated charities if they would like.  

Currensea has nominated us as one of their charities and we are so grateful for this opportunity.

Currensea's Bank Partners

How does it work?

Every time you spend using our card, you save at least 85% vs. your normal bank fees. You can then allocate (some or) all of the savings as you choose to be automatically donated to the Cameron Bespolka Trust. 

For example, if you choose to contribute 50% of your savings and you spend $1500 while visiting the USA, you'll automatically donate over £20.

You can keep track of how much you’ve donated on the Currensea app or personalised dashboard.

Just remember to add the referral code CAMERONBESPOLKA if registering via the app.

Who is Currensea? 

Currensea powers and supports the Cameron Bespolka Trust (CBT) Direct Debit Travel Card. Currensea acts as a layer in front of your existing bank account, enabling its users to save over 85% compared to their high-street bank debit card when spending abroad, and gives you the option to direct a percentage of that saving into a CBT donation.

  • No need to pre-pay or top-up
  • Savings compared to your bank
  • Ability to donate (with Gift Aid)


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5 easy steps to start donating


Sign up and Connect
Currensea works with all the major high-street banks and uses the same encryption technology as the banks keeping your details safe and secure.


Spend globally
All 180 currencies around the globe are accepted, just spend as you would with your bank debit card. Your bank confirms you have the funds available, transactions go through at the real-time rate.


Save (at least) 85%
We notify you to let you know how much you’ve saved and how much you’ll be charged in GBP after each transaction.


Automatic donation
Your selected % contribution to the Cameron Bespolka Trust is automatically donated on every transaction. You can amend your contribution % at any time via the app or dashboard.


No need to pre-pay or top-up
We collect the funds automatically by Direct Debit from your bank after you’ve spent. There is no need to worry about adding balances or opening a new bank account to benefit from the savings.

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 Currensea Card 


Every time you spend using our card, you save at least 85% vs. your normal bank fees.


 Currensea Card