Florida's Birding and Photo Fest in St. Augustine, Florida, takes place in April every year.  The Cooper, Dahlstrom and Schnyder families have so kindly sponsored a Young Birders Photography category in Cameron’s memory. 

2018 Results

The Florida Birding and Photo Fest has been wrapped up for another year and once again we were treated to an array of striking images.

The first prize went to Emma Campanellie of Palm Coast for her beautiful photograph of a Roseatte Spoonbill feeding her three young chicks. Second place was awarded to Margaret Fykes from Vero Beach for her close-up of a Cormorant.

The short list of photographs clearly demonstrates that the young birding scene in Florida is alive and well and jam-packed with creativity. Congratulations to those who made the short list and thank you to all entrants for supporting the event. See you in 2019.


The Winners

Roseate Spoonbill feeding her young

First Place: "Roseatte Spoonbill & Triplets" by Emma Campanellie


Sleeping Cormorant

Second Place: "Really?” by Margaret Fykes


Shortlisted Photographs



By Jane Fykes


 Ruffled Seagull

By Ann Stalvey



by Ander Buckley


Abby Kutschinski

by Abby Kutschinski


 Reflection shorebird

By Ann Stalvey


By Ann Stalvey


Roseate Spoonbill

By Ander Buckley


2017 Results

This year’s event was another excellent display of birding and outdoor photography. Some amazing photos again and some truly beautiful and striking birding moments captured by some very talented young birders. Congratulations to all the 2017 Young Bird Photography entrants.

Below are the photos that were shortlisted:

The Winners

The two photos below were selected as our winners for their outstanding composition, light and originality.  

In first place, was Colin Shephard with the Great Egret.

 In second place was Ralphi Oakley with the Brown Pelican.

  Congratulations to both of them for outstanding bird photography skills.

“I am honoured to have my photo selected as the winner of this year’s contest!  Being able to connect to nature through photography is an amazing experience.  I hope this photo and the others submitted will inspire others to pursue photography, while appreciating all the beauty that nature provides”

Colin Shepard, 1st place winner of the 2017 Cameron Bespolka Photography Award for Young Birders Photo Contest.

“The Cameron Bespolka Photography Award for Young Birders gave me the confidence to pursue my passionate dream of becoming a photographer.  It gave me the beginning of a journey that has lead to many life changing opportunities both photographically and personally.  I hope my journey will never end and it all started by winning this special award”.

Ralphi Oakley, 2nd place winner of the 2017 Cameron Bespolka Photography Award for Young Birders Photo Contest.

Well done Colin and Ralphi.  Thank you to everyone who submitted entries and we look forward to many more next year. 

Save the date for next year’s event 18th - 22nd April, 2018.