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Is rewilding the only way to combat shifting baseline syndrome?

By: Ellie Micklewright
4 January 2021

Rewilding has become a buzzword in the conservation sector, which is gaining momentum and scientific support year on year. It is an umbrella term which encompasses the reintroduction of absent species and the handing over of ecosystems to natural … 

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60 Second Zoology - The Uropygial Gland

By: Amy Hall
1 January 2021

Feathers are VERY important for birds, and the key to their health is a small nubbin-like gland at the bottom of the bird's back. Introducing... the uropygial gland!


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A young naturalist's guide to British bats

By: Alex Chapman
31 December 2020

At this time of year, the night sky is comparatively still to that of mid-summer. On top of the absence of various other forms of nocturnal life, there is a distinct lack of mysterious furry mammals energising the still night sky, and, but for the … 

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Importance of having your own patch!

By: Luke Anderson
30 December 2020

First of all, what is a patch? A patch is an area rural or urban which is visited frequently by a person allowing them to thoroughly know an area and all its flora and fauna.

Why get your own patch?Well first of all it’s free! Just choose an … 

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60 Second Zoology - The sea anemone

By: Amy Hall
21 December 2020

In episode five of 60 Second Zoology we get up close and personal with the sea anemone and their specialised stinging cells know as nematocysts


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