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The Blackcap adapting to climate change

By: Alex Chapman
24 July 2019

Traditionally, Blackcaps arrive in the UK and Ireland to form our breeding populations from early April, with the females often arriving a week or two later than the males, breeding in scrubby woodland habitat.

It is believed that being a versatile … 

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Woolston Eyes Nature Reserve Walk

By: Elliot Montieth
20 July 2019

I set an early wake-up call this morning to lead the 'Bespolka Bird Walk' at Woolston Eyes Nature Reserve near Cheshire.

We had several drop out at the last minute but still I'm happy that some could make it. The group enjoyed sightings of a wide … 

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BTO Bird Camp 2019

By: Kabir Kaul
5 June 2019

Here is a post about another excellent BTO Bird Camp, sponsored by the Cameron Bespolka Trust.

On Friday, my mum picked me up from school, and it was a two hour drive from London to the Nunnery, the BTO’s headquarters in Thetford, Norfolk. … 

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BTO Camp 2019

By: Michael Sinclair
28 May 2019

The BTO Bird Camp is a camp specifically run for young people who love nature and want to take a step further. It’s hosted by the British Trust for Ornithology and supported by the Cameron Bespolka Trust meaning it costs £25 for … 

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'The Little Fool'

By: Elliot Montieth
3 May 2019

A species I've not caught up with in a few years is the Eurasian Dotterel (Charadrius morinellus). Current figures estimate the breeding population of Britain, where the species is now restricted to breeding in the Scottish Highlands, to be between 5 … 

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