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Keeping busy during lockdown

By: Mya Bambrick
27 July 2020

I must admit I have neglected blogging over the last year or so. To be honest I lost the motivation to write as well as suffering with some health issues and not doing a lot of birding! However, I would like to update you on what I’ve been up … 

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Shaftesbury School Wildlife Projects

By: Alex Chapman
13 July 2020

Shaftesbury School is a small secondary day and boarding school, first established in 1718, situated in the quaint town of Shaftesbury in North Dorset. The school itself is perched on top of the hill where the town sits, making use of the extensive … 

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Countryside Wonders: Dorset, Wiltshire, Hampshire border

By: Samuel Levy
28 June 2020

After a long absence during Lockdown I have decided to restart blogging, partially because I know have something to write about. So, let’s see how this post turns out. Stay tuned for a trip to the Wiltshire, Dorset, Hampshire Border.

Saturday … 

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Becoming a Young Ambassador

By: Andrew Millham
16 June 2020

In this short video I explain what prompted me to join the Young Ambassadors programme and why promoting the natural world is so important. 


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Young Ambassadors look beyond the lockdown

By: Mya Bambrick
8 June 2020

As I sat in my garden, surrounded with birdsong, I thought to myself how I’d like to be able to hear the birds singing their beautiful melodies clearly every day, without their songs being dampened by constant traffic. What if the air was … 

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