Young Ambassadors' Blog

Marsh Awards 2018

By: Louis Driver
27 October 2018

At break time this Wednesday, I left school early and headed to Hexham station to pick up fellow young birder Elliot Montieth. We had a long journey ahead of us – it’s quite far from inland Northumberland to London!

However, the journey … 

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In Search of a Richard's Pipit

By: Tommy Saunders
12 October 2018

Early morning on Saturday 15th September,I was hoping to go birding and saw that a Richard's Pipit had been reported at Pennington Marshes. I thought I might as well go down and have a look for it and maybe catch sight of a Spotted Crake.

I was … 

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eBird and Bird Track- Bringing ornithology into the 21st century

By: Amy Hall
14 September 2018

Ornithology is an ancient practise, reflecting a long held fascination in the avian aspect of our natural world. Look at early art from almost any culture, and there will be a depiction of a bird, or several. The winged wonders of the world, it is … 

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Fair Isle: Dream Isle

By: Elliot Montieth
11 September 2018

Fair Isle; it’s a small isolated island no more than three miles long and a mile wide situated in the North Sea just 24 miles south of mainland Shetland. For those reading this who are Birders then this isle of legend needs no introduction, … 

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HOS Young Birders Camp 2018

By: Tommy Saunders
17 August 2018

This year was the first year that HOS, together with The Cameron Bespolka Trust, organised a wildlife and nature camp for young birders and naturalists in the New Forest. After three years of the BTO running their young birders camp up in Thetford, … 

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