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Where’s Wally?

By: Amy Hall
7 July 2021

If you consume any type of media, be it social or broadcast television, you will be aware of the presence of an unusual Arctic visitor in British waters. For the last few months, a juvenile male walrus known now as Wally has been enjoying the … 

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Young Ambassador Lockdown Nature Photo Competition 2021

By: Amy Hall
11 March 2021

February is a fantastic and exciting time of year for nature, as we start to say goodbye to the short winter days and look forward to a fresh beginning.

This perhaps means more in 2021 after a long winter trapped in our homes under a barrage of … 

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Natural ways to wellbeing

By: Guest Blogger
1 March 2021

The past few months have been tough for everyone, but nature will always be there to help us through! Getting outdoors, whether that is birding, cycling, walking, photographing, running or swimming, is the best way to heal the mind in my opinion! & … 

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Get ready for the Big RSPB Birdwatch.

By: Andrew Millham
25 January 2021

As you may know, RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch is approaching fast – from 29th January to 31st January. This is a fantastic event for all nature lovers to take part in, with thousands of people contributing the world’s largest … 

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60 Second Zoology - Pigeon Navigation

By: Amy Hall
20 January 2021

We are all familiar with the feral pigeon, but have you ever stopped and taken a closer look? These birds have incredible abilities far beyond human abilities, which have made them global navigators and carriers of messages.


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