Kabir Kaul

I’m Kabir, a 14 year old wildlife enthusiast from London. I love all aspects of nature, but in particular, Ornithology and Urban Ecology. I have been birding since I was 8, and I love to encourage others, especially those my age, to explore the vast amount of biodiversity the capital has to offer.

Six years ago, looking at feral pigeons in the garden through an ancient pair of binoculars, I wondered what life lay beyond my window. Soon after,  I got a field guide and camera, and started to explore the local area, the sleepy suburb of Hillingdon, north London.This lead me to stumble upon what is now my patch: a vast area of woodland, home to foxes, badgers, flycatchers and massive numbers of wildfowl in winter. I was amazed by how biodiverse my area was, and I started to explore the rest of the capital’s habitats, home to an equally superb variety of species.

Attending the Cameron Bespolka Trust’s 2018 Bird Camp changed me as a person: I felt like I was part of a community. I met like-minded young naturalists, developed interests in Lepidoptera and Odonata, and was inspired by the efforts of everyone who attended to make a difference for others to enjoy nature. This motivated me to create a wildlife society in school, which is running successfully, and is joining forces with internal initiatives to rewild the school environment. Since Bird Camp, I’ve also been trying to make people realise that cities are not just massive areas of noise, pollution and concrete, but urban oases which hold the potential for people and nature to thrive together, and I’ve done this through a map I’ve created of London’s wildlife sites and nature reserves. I have also been given the opportunity to do a number of talks around London, to share my passion for the urban jungle.

I am very proud to be an Ambassador for the Cameron Bespolka Trust: I hope to make sure that young nature enthusiasts can enjoy their hobby without experiencing pressure from others, and that if they live in cities, they can learn to appreciate the wildlife that they have right on their doorstep. Through the word of the Trust and their variety of fantastic initiatives, I am sure that many more connections between young people and nature, will be made, especially in our cities.

Blog: kaulofthewild.com

Kabir Kaul


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